Your Guide to the IRS Fresh Start Program

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program? How Does it Work?

You may have heard of the IRS Fresh Start program and wondered if you could use it to settle back taxes. But what exactly is the Fresh Start program, and how does it work?

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Inside You’ll Learn:

  • How the IRS Fresh Start program simplifies the process of paying significant back taxes
  • What IRS repayment plan options are available according to the amount you owe
  • Conditions needed to qualify for the program
  • How to negotiate and communicate with the IRS
  • Next steps to getting help from a tax professional

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About the Author

Carolyn Richardson, EA, MBA

Learning Content Managing Editor

Carolyn has been in the tax field since 1984, when she went to work at the IRS as a Revenue Agent. Carolyn taught many classes at the IRS on both tax law changes and new hire training. In 1990, she left the IRS for a position at CCH, where she was a developer on both the service bureau software and on the ProSystem fx tax preparation software for nearly 17 years. After leaving CCH she worked at several Los Angeles-based CPA firms before starting at TaxAudit as an Audit Representative in 2009. Carolyn became the manager of the Education and Research Department in 2011, developing course materials for the company and overseeing the research requests. Currently, she is the Learning Content Managing Editor.